Lowering kit questions.

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What if I get shorter springs to lower the car? Will I need to adjust my caster and camber angles and/or my shock absorbers?
Generally the answer would be no for caster/camber angles. Most cars have a good 10-13cm (4-5 inches) movement in their suspension from the factory. As most of the lowering springs you can buy only lower by 2-7cm (1-3 inches), your suspension should still be well within it’s designed operating limits. Therefore, caster and camber angles shouldn’t need looking at. As for the shocks, see the FAQ page.
What if I get shorter springs to lower the car? Will my tyres rub on my arches?
They shouldn’t unless you start messing about with wheel and tyre sizes. Again, given that most suspension kits lower within the car’s normal operating limits, there shouldn’t be a problem. If there was, then every time you went over a big hump with standard suspension, the tyres would rub. Rubbing against the arches will almost certainly only occur if you lower the carand widen the wheels. See the Wheel & Tyre Bible for more info on this.