Speaking of trouble...

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  Lifting a vehicle is going to affect its handling. Most obviously, you’re going to add height to the centre of gravity, which in turn is going to make the vehicle more prone to roll in corners. At the extreme, an already roll-happy SUV or truck will become even more likely to turn over in the event of an accident.

Similarly, just because you’ve lifted your truck, don’t think you can instantly go off-road with it like a pro. If you’re doing it for off-road functionality rather than just pose value, spend the extra cash and get a one-day off-road course. You’ll have a blast and it will make you infinitely safer when you do take your vehicle off the beaten track.
It’s also worth pointing out that putting larger wheels on simply to increase ground clearance can come with all its own problems including the legality of it, changes to the steering and suspension geometry and steering load. It’s also a possibility on some types of 4WD vehicle that larger tyres and steering load can result in tearing the steering box off the chassis. Other things which tend to fail quicker when this is done are items like pitman arms, track rods, knuckle and ball joints - all of these get stressed beyond their normal design limits when you stuff massive tyres and wheels on a truck.
One other point to consider when doing this: if your speedometer is based on a mechanical link to the gearbox, your speedo will become so innacurate that it will basically be useless. You’ll be driving at an indicated 30mph but could be doing 40mph if the tyres are big enough.
Just be warned.